Roxanne Mashigo


I’ve always used art to express the deepest and most sacred parts of my soul. Painting has provided me with a sanctuary, a peaceful refuge from the clamour of daily life. Despite being a sustainable development consultant, my profession often overshadowed this passion. However, relocating to Cape Town from Johannesburg last year, brought about a significant change. Saying goodbye to family and friends reduced my social obligations, granting me precious moments of rest and sparking a renewed desire for creativity. With only my paintbrush, canvas, and sweet English bulldog as companions, I delve into the ever-changing transitions of life through each stroke. I invite viewers to contemplate the juxtaposition of colours and intricate brushwork as windows into what we truly seek. Vitality, celebration, and resilience saturate my work—a homage to the human experience. My aim is to reveal the intricate layers of our existence, encouraging viewers to unearth profound truths within each piece. Ultimately, my art acts as a reflective surface, mirroring the complexity of humanity and prompting observers to ponder the essence of our collective journey.

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