Hang your art on our wall.


Posting your art on the website is free, we will take a small management fee only if you sell through us (see T & C’s below). Simply click on the “POST ARTWORK” icon to up-load photograph/s of your artwork/s. You will be required to provide your personal details as well as some information about the artwork in the fields provided, eg “Paris street scene, oil on canvas, 1200mm x 600mm”.  Postings will be processed by us before being visible on the site. If you are posting for the first time, please provide us with a short biopic of yourself (maximum 200 words) to personalize your art on your dedicated page. Include a profile picture as well if you like. As an additional promotional feature, we will feature six artworks on our home page each month, randomly picked on a rotational basis, to ensure that everyone gets some extra exposure.


When an offer to purchase is made on one of your artworks, we will contact you to ascertain whether it is still available for sale and whether you are prepared to sell at the price offered. If a sale is concluded the purchaser will make payment to us, which money will be kept in Trust until the artwork has been delivered and the purchaser has acknowledged receiving it in good condition, after which it will be paid over to you, less the management fee. We will charge a management fee of 10% of the agreed sale price, deducted from the payment received, so consider this cost as well as the packaging cost when deciding on your asking price.

You, the seller, will be responsible for the cost of packaging the artwork adequately to protect it from damage during transit. The safety of the item during transit is also your responsibility and you must decide whether or not to insure it against damage or loss. The cost of delivery will be for the purchaser’s account, as this could vary greatly depending on the location of the two parties. The above arrangement is for the protection of both the purchaser and the seller. We want both parties to have the peace of mind that the exchange will be safeguarded.