Pieter Kruger


I was born in 1948, along with my twin sister, into a colourful family with an older brother and sister. I discovered my gift and love for creativity at a young age, often spending many hours drawing pictures at home and thoroughly enjoying my Art classes at Primary School.

It was however not until March 2009, with no official training, that I attempted my first painting. It just so happened that a very talented artist was visiting a mutual friend at that time and she very kindly took it upon herself to give me a two hour intensive lesson in art.  As a result my first painting was a major success and admired by many.

I have since completed many paintings. My desire to accelerate and improve my skills has always inspired me to paint a wide variety of subject matter. As a result I have experienced many challenges while painting, but I have always found the best solution is to speak to the Lord and ask for His advice and help. To date He has been my number one Art Teacher.   

My paintings are currently displayed all over our lovely home, as well as in the homes of our family and friends. My love for art, colour, beauty and the joy they bring continues to spur me on.

Someone once said: “You don’t find a painting, but it finds you.”  I’m hopeful that my paintings will find their way into the hearts and homes of many.

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