Jos Simson


Jos Simson lives in Onrus River and first ventured into painting in Water Colours at a studio in Kimberley where she became fascinated by the work of Walter Westbrooke. After moving down to Onrus River she took up painting again and attended art classes with local artists, Maxie Steytler and Tertia Knaap at their studio in Onrus River using the medium Acrylics and she developed a  love of drawing in charcoal.

Then after a long period of not painting she met up with local artist, Alyson Guy and asked whether she could  join her classes at the beautiful farm Volmoed.   Jos’ medium has been Acrylics and she has exhibited her work at the Fynarts Festival  art exhibition held at Volmoed.  She has sold several paintings of Bo-Kaap scenes.

She currently continues art classes with Alyson at Volmoed where art exhibitions are held every year.

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